Services .

IELLA provides assistance in the following legal areas:

Divorces / Legal Separations / Annulments
Custody / Visitation
Child support
Spousal support
Modifications to Child / Spousal support
Modifications to Child Custody / Visitation

Establishing Paternity
Restraining Orders
(Domestic Violence & Civil)
Landlord / Tenant
(Dispute Resolution & Eviction Defense)

Limited Civil Answers
(Debt collection actions)
Wage Garnishments
(Enforce Unpaid Child / Spousal Support)
(Stop Wage Garnishment due to Hardship)


  • You must qualify as a low income individual.
  • You must physically live in either Riverside or San Bernardino County.
  • IELLA is able to help U.S. citizens, legal residents, and non-legal residents.
  • If your case is opened in Riverside or San Bernardino County, but you reside outside of Riverside or San Bernardino County, we will not be able to assist you.
  • You must have a legal matter that we assist with. If you are uncertain whether your case is an acceptable case, please contact us for confirmation before attending a clinic. Briefly describe your legal matter to our staff and have your court case number, if applicable and available. We do not provide legal advice over the phone, the staff member that you will be speaking to cannot advice you about your case.
  • Since we receive federal and non-federal funds such as from United Way and the State Bar of California, we must adhere to their specific requirements. We do not disclose our eligibility guidelines.
  • If you have a case that we can help with, you must attend a legal aid clinic to determine if your are eligible for our services.
  • You will be asked to sign an Asset and Debt Acknowledgement and Declaration of Income under penalty of perjury that the information you provided was correct.
  • We do not determine eligibility over the phone.

Clinic Process .

Step – 1

If legal resident of the United States, you MUST provide:
Legal Resident card,
any court documents related to your case.
And you MUST arrive before the start time of clinic.

Step – 2

Clinic manager will quickly determine what type of legal matter you have and if you are eligible for our free services.

Step – 3

After eligibility process, clients will have a break (rest period) before speaking to a pro-bono attorney.

Step – 4

You will have a confidential consultation with a pro-bono attorney to obtain legal counsel and advice. You must qualify for free services and attorney will determine if the client qualifies for document preparation.

Clinics .






Riverside Saturday

Expungement Clinics.

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One Step Further.

The One Step Further program seeks to educate pregnant and parenting teens about their legal rights and responsibilities. By educating teen parents and encouraging them to assert their legal rights, the program hopes to minimize financial and emotional disruptions caused to teen parents when they give birth to a child.

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