Expungement Clinics.


You will need a copy of your criminal record or case information (rap sheet) from each conviction you wish to expunge. Your criminal record or case history includes information essential to filling out the engagement papers. You must bring this to the clinic for us to be able to assist you with document preparation on the same day after the informational session.

Can I attach letters explaining my situation or my improved life? It is often a good idea to attach a declaration stating why you want the engagement and explaining your situation in life. In this declaration, you may want to discuss:

Your plans for the future The reasons you offended, and how your life is different today than it was when you offended.

  • How the conviction has hurt your employment chances
  • If you have received any training or education
  • Any occurrence in your life that changed how you interact with your community Any 12-step or religious affiliations you have.
  • All declarations submitted to the court must be true and accurate. Declarations are one page long, and may be typed or handwritten.
  • Letters from employers, clergy, or other community members can be convincing, but should not be attached to your petition. You may provide these to the judge at your hearing.

Can I expunge multiple convictions at the same time?
Yes, you can file several petitions for engagement simultaneously. You will need to file separate Petitions and Orders for each conviction.

What if I have changed my name since my conviction?
Fill out the forms with the name under which you were convicted. Sign the forms with your current name.

Am I required to be Hispanic to be eligible for your program?
Absolutely not. IELLA assists all individuals regardless of ethnic background. However, in order for us to assist you with document preparation, you must qualify as being LOW INCOME. If you do not, a self-help packet will be provided to you.


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